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The Responsible Patriot

TRP is dedicated to giving you the most informative and comprehensive training experience possible. We live the lifestyle and show you what it's all about, one step at a time.

Upcoming Events and Classes

No upcoming events.


USCCA Concealed Carry Class

This class includes everything necessary to get your concealed carry permit and more. In this class we cover legal self-defense, conflict avoidance, types of firearms and how they function, and much more.

Beyond Your Permit

In this class we cover the next step- real-world defense scenarios and delve deeper into the lifestyle and details of carrying your firearm every day.

Other Events

Never held a gun? We have an event for that. Don't want to be around a bunch of guys? We have women-only events. Are you a Veteran? We have events for you. Click the button below to learn the details, and check our calendar above for upcoming events.

The TRP "Quote of the week"

Liberty cannot be preserved without general knowledge among the people.

John Adams

On The Range and In The Class

Concealed Carry and The Basics

  • CCW - USCCA Certified
  • Beyond CCW.  Personal Defense Planning to carry.  Legal issues.  Draw and shoot range time.
  • Beginners intro to firearms.
  • Fundamentals of defensive shooting.  All on range.
  • Personal & home defense planning.  
  • Crisis avoidance and de-escalation.

TRP Defensive Firearms Academy

Like an evening by the fire, This is EVOLVING.  But here's a sneak preview.

A comprehensive and evolution based training curriculum, designed to elevate your skills and confidence, in the utilization of multiple weapons platforms in as close to real life scenarios as possible! From Personal/Home Defense Planning to situational scenario shooting on the range, I mean lots and lots of shooting and other

"COOL ***T" with all sorts of Weapons platforms.

Stay Tuned Patriot!

Our Viola Home

Check out the link to the club and the wonderful activities and ground, not to mention the awesome growth/improvement coming, courtesy of a generous grant from the NRA