Our Commitment

Ever learning, going beyond the basics, and never complacent!

Aligned  with the growing Viola Sportsman's Club, our instructor is the only USCCA certified instructor in Southwest WI, Northern IA and Southeastern MN.  As a USMC Vet and avid proponent of our Second Amendment rights, Brian Callahan is as devoted to you and your responsible firearms education as he remains to the constitutional oath to serve our Nation he swore in 1981.

Semper Fidelis, the motto of the USMC, we teach and train, ever focused on those rights and responsibilities endowed by our creator and listed under the Second Amendment

Whether you are new to firearms or seeking training for USCCA Certified CCW  certification, The Responsible Patriot instructs and trains in preparing you to protect yourself and your family, all while  focusing on being a Responsible Patriot in your concealed carry lifestyle.

Committed to the education of all those we train with a focus on the ones who serve us all

Veteran run and owned.  We're committed to giving back to those who serve our Great Nation.  From veterans to first responders and their families we will give back to our heroes and always honor the memories of the fallen.