Beyond Your Permit

The Next Step in Being a Responsible Patriot

$120.00 - The 2nd Amendment provides a Constitutional Right.  So now that you have your Concealed Carry Permit, your responsibility in that right is raised.  The BYP class is designed to help you hone a mind set in the concealed carry lifestyle, that is consistent with the raised responsibility of legally carrying a firearm in public.

This invaluable course will cover topics such as:

  • Concealed do's and dont's
  • Right lifestyle, Right mindset
  • Legal considerations (Insure it!!!)
  • The Law and your permit
  • How to carry. How to draw and shoot when faced with a deadly threat.  This section on the range.

Specials:  If you didn't take advantage of the 20% discount for obtaining a USCCA Membership through this website, here's your second chance.  It is important to note that 93% of Americans insure their vehicles, yet 93% of, law abiding, concealed weapons carriers remain uninsured.  

It's not worth the risk and the resources available with your USCCA membership are equally as priceless!

**Individuals must arrive on time, bring their carry firearm of choice, 60 rounds of ammunition, hearing and eye protection.  **Your firearm will need to be unloaded and secured in an appropriate case before leaving your vehicle at the range.  The firearm, as with any range activity, will not be removed from its case until you are on the firing line.

**Group rates available dependent upon range availability for the date requested.  For off site classes, an instructor will need to approve the designated shooting area prior to scheduling. 

This Class is Still in Development

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If you have a party of three or more people interested in a class, we can work with you to schedule a class.