Concealed Carry Permit Class

USCCA Certification for obtaining your State permit.

$120.00 - The USCCA curriculum is designed to take the permit candidate beyond the minimum your State requires.  From  legal issues to a minimum 30 round qualification shoot.  Your experience should not disappoint.  As an added value, you will receive a copy of Concealed Carry Magazine and a copy of the book "Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals (an over $30.00 value.  Participants must bring a functioning, unloaded handgun of choice, that must remain secured in a case until you are on the firing line, a minimum 50 rounds of ammunition, along with hearing and eye protection.

Specials offered:  for any individual who obtains a USCCA Membership through The Responsible Patriot Website (before your class), you will receive an additional 20% discount on your investment.  That now totals over $50 in added value to your experience.  Schedule and purchase the Beyond CCW or any other Basics course, on the day of your certification and save 20%.

**Off site group classes will be offered to any group of 8 or more individuals.  For private land, an on site inspection by your instructor, must be done prior to scheduling.

If you know three or more people interested in taking a class, we are happy to work with you. Please contact us with the dates that your party is interested in.


  • Q: Does TRP, LLC forward my certificate to the state?  A: No, that responsibility rests with the individual. You will, however, receive a certificate upon completion of the course.
  • Q: Does my certification with the USCCA cover permits in other states?  A: Yes, so long as the USCCA is recognized by the state authority to issue.
  • Q: Can my kids come with me to class? A: No, we have no resources to monitor your children at any facility.
  • Q: Do I have to do the qualifying shoot? A: Yes, it is required for us to give you the certificate of completion. However, you are allowed to sit in on a class without doing the shoot.
  • Q: Why do I have to do the qualifying shoot? A: So we can ensure that you've retained what is taught in the class and that you follow firearm safety rules before you carry.