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About 93% of Americans insure their vehicles, so why wouldn't you insure your responsibility to carry concealed?  Visit the USCCA and research what can happen when you're not insured.  Sign up for a USCCA membership through our site and receive 20% off any class.  Don't risk being uninsured!

USA Carry

USA Carry Reciprocity Map

Concealed carry permit reciprocity maps, along with laws for those states you may  be traveling through. This is your gospel for traveling out of your home state.

Personal Defense Network

The PDN has greatly influenced my concealed lifestyle and mindset.  They have almost unlimited quality training videos, most by Rob Pincus.  Rob is a renowned firearms and personal defense instructor.  The most dramatic for me, as a former Marine, was Combat Focus Shooting!  Read it !!!

The National Rifle Association


Widely  recognized today as a major political force and as America's foremost  defender of Second Amendment rights and so much more!

Hwy 14 Firearms and Pawn. Viroqua, WI

Highway 14 Firearms and Pawn

Highway 14 Firearms and Pawn, for all your local firearm and ammunition needs.

Engel Ballistic Research

Mission Specific Ammunition

Best Specialty ammo in the civilian world.  Excellent subsonic ammo in a wide variety of calibers for those who choose to hunt and/or shoot suppressed.

The Truth About Guns

The Truth About Guns

TTAG is a great resource for second amendment news, gear reviews, and general gun information. 

Defensive Pistolcraft Blog

Defensive Pistol

Resources unlimited here. Never stop seeking knowledge to bolster your concealed carry lifestyle. This is one awesome blog.

Keep and Bear Arms

Keep and Bear Arms

The gun owner's homepage for strong second amendment supporters.  Stay abreast of happenings surrounding our Second Amendment rights and more.